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For some, VOICECALL functions, and for some, others.

But at least we can check out. On OnePlus ), which for some rationale sleeps for two seconds on the UI thread involving prepare and begin phone calls of the mediaRecorder. It is effective great, and when I did something equivalent (hold out using Handler. postDelayed for one 2nd), it labored fantastic also.

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The comment that was composed there is « Sometimes prepare will take some time to full ». On Galaxy S7 with Android eight, I have unsuccessful to get audio of the other side for outgoing calls AND incoming phone calls (even with MIC and speaker), no make any difference what I did, yet the app I have pointed out labored high-quality.

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To let you try out my POC of connect with recording, I’ve printed an open source github repository right here , obtaining a sample that will document a solitary call, and allow you hear to the most new one particular, if all works perfectly. This « ViktorDegtyarev – CallRecLib » SDK , which will not appear to work at all, and crashes on different Android variations. These 2 outdated sample assignments : rvoix , esnyder-callrecorder , each fall short to in fact history.

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The second would not even seem to get the job done on Android 6. aykuttasil – CallRecorder sample and axet – android-connect with-recorder sample – equally, just like on my POC, really don’t have any tweaking apart from for AudioSource, and for the reason that of this they fails to record on some circumstances, such as OnePlus 2 output-audio of outgoing calls. Most third party applications only offer the AudioSource tweaking, but some (like « boldbeast » download link do supply more. Just one case in point is  » Automated Phone Recorder  » which has « configuration » (ten values to opt for from, 1st is « default » and « strategy » (five vales to choose from, initially is « default ».

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People applications probably do not want other individuals to have an understanding of what people configurations signify, so they set general names.

Or, it is just much too challenging for everyone (in particular for consumers), so they generalize the names. There is an API of « setMode » right here , but it does not look to adjust upon calling it. I was thinking of it’s possible modify the « channel » of where the phone is becoming employed, this way, but it doesn’t do the job. It stays on the value of « 2 » all through get in touch with, which is MODEINCALL . There are custom made parameters that are obtainable for numerous products (each OEM and its very own parameters), which can be set right here and perhaps even by means of JNI ( in this article and right here ) , but I never get where by to get this info from (that means which pairs of important-value are available). I have searched in a great deal of areas, but could not uncover any web site that talks about which achievable parameters are obtainable, and for which gadgets.

I was contemplating of utilizing AudioRecord instead of MediaRecorder course for recording, imagining that it truly is a little bit small level, so it could give me far more energy and access to personalized capabilities, but it appears to be to be extremely related to MediaRecorder, and even use the exact audio sources (instance here ). Another consider I experienced with low level API, was even additional, of utilizing JNI (OpenSL ES for Android). For this, I couldn’t come across considerably details (apart from in this article and in this article ), and only observed the 2 samples of Google listed here (called « audio echo » and « native audio », which are not about recording seem, or at least I never see them take place. Android P could have formal way to history calls (study below and listed here ).

Tests on my Android P DP3 unit (Pixel 2), I could record both sides great in both equally incoming and outgoing calls, employing « DEFAULT » as audio supply, so possibly the API will ultimately be official and perform on all Android versions. I wrote about it listed here and here . I was pondering that perhaps the Visualizer course could be a workaround of recording, but in accordance to some StackOverflow submit ( listed here ), the good quality it very very low, so I decided that it’s possible I shouldn’t attempt it. As well as I could not obtain a sample of how to file from it. I’ve observed some parameters that could possibly be readily available on some equipment, below (observed from listed here ), all commence with « AUDIOPARAMETER », but screening on Galaxy S7, all returned vacant string.

I’ve also observed this web site , that gave me the idea of employing audioManager.

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